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Stamped Concrete Patio

Custom-designed concrete stamped patios have become more and more popular for backyards and outdoor living spaces. They are a low-maintenance, cost-effective alternative to wooden decks and brick pavers. Available in a wide array of patterns, colors, textures, and design choices we can create the perfect patio for you. It doesn’t stop at the patio, either. Steps and walkways from your house to the patio areas, built-in fire pits, and even outdoor kitchen areas! 

You might need a new slab poured for a hot tub or just need a nice spot outside to set up your patio chair and table. Sitting area outdoor chairs and couches are becoming a cozier way to spend some time outside in the fresh air, from spring, summer, to fall. With so many choices you can create a complete one-of-a-kind backyard that matches the style of your home and mirrors your outdoor lifestyle. 

Why choose concrete over wood or brick pavers, you ask? Wood rots, splinters, and has to be stained almost annually. Brick pavers settle unevenly after some time, while weeds and grass growing through the cracks. Contrary to those inconveniences, stamped and decorative concrete, with a bit of maintenance and minimal upkeep, can last even a lifetime! But knowing when to reseal a patio is likewise very crucial. Reseal the patio too early and the acrylic sealers can lead to the delamination of the concrete. Hence, leave it to the pros and call Katy Stamped Concrete to handle each and every maintenance and stamped patio projects and make sure that it gets done properly the first time!

Stamped Concrete Patio​
Katy Stamped Concrete Patio​

Katy Stamped Concrete Patio

A patio for your house is a great addition to your property. It’s pretty tough to argue that a concrete patio is the perfect choice. If you want to take pleasure in the open-air as much as we do you will need a place to do it. There could be a concrete patio built ‘round your pool, or just a BBQ weekend outdoor area. There is plenty of ways to create a patio, but concrete is one of the most durable. There is almost no maintenance needed. The affordability and long-term durability also make concrete one of the most ideal materials to use when constructing your patio.

Concrete patios are very hardy and have minimal to no problem withstanding damages from harsh weather. You will not have to worry about concrete in rain, snow, ice, or even the blazing summer heat. There are a variety of styles of concrete patios that you can choose from. We are happy to talk to you about concrete choices and patio styles. We can tint your concrete patio to have it complement the color of your home. Or we could also have it stamped. We can even make it appear like brick or natural stone.

Using concrete to construct your patio means it is quick and easy to clean. Rinse it off with a water hose and call it a day! It’s that simple.

Stamped Concrete Patio Katy TX

Stamped Concrete Patio Katy TX

Concrete has been one of the most common materials looked for when it comes to patio installations and turning to the local area experts at Katy Stamped Concrete will guarantee that you get a result you can rely on. We have been taking this concrete installation to Katy homeowners for years and are known for our top-notch service in providing high-quality stamped concrete finishes to patios. When searching for dependability and aesthetic appeal, you can count on us out of all Katy concrete companies

Each and every installation service that we do in the Katy area begins with top-quality concrete. By providing a service that stresses on the foundation material in your installation, you can guarantee that no matter the maintenance it receives after the installation, that it has the ability to stand up to your needed level of use. The concrete patios that we install in the city can hold up regardless of any weather, use, and abuse that it can endure over years of wear and tear on your property and provide you with a comfortable outdoor space for you to appreciate and enjoy. 

Of course, with any of the concrete installations our concrete company brings, we rely heavily on bringing you the choices you are looking for when it comes to the finished look of your patio installation. We offer you a wide array of stamped concrete choices you can count on to get the best look for your property. Regardless of the specific look, you are trying to achieve, you can count on Katy Stamped Concrete to bring you a finished outcome you will be proud to show off.