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Do you need a concrete contractor to pour your driveway in your Katy home? No worries! We are Katy’s best stamped concrete company. We specialize in stamped concrete, concrete refinishing, and stained concrete. We work in Katy as well as all the surrounding areas. Our experienced staff are qualified and are here to help. We have years and years of experience pouring concrete. Katy Stamped Concrete turns plain and boring old cement into a beautiful concrete decoration for your Katy home.

There are many great building materials available. There are concrete, stone, pavers, brick, and slate. Likewise, there are several great things about stamped concrete, one of the most notable is that it looks and feels as great as any of the other materials and has the durability of regular concrete. Katy folks know us for being the most reliable stamped concrete contractor  around Katy, Texas. 

We recognize the value of stamped concrete. A lot of sources say that Katy is one of the pioneers when it comes to architectural concrete as well as stamped concrete. The homeowners In Katy, Tx understand the value that stamped concrete provides. Moreover, it’s less costly than competing building materials, such as pavers, stone, bricks.

Stamped Concrete​

Stamped Concrete Contractors

You should choose an experienced and qualified concrete contractor like Katy Stamped Concrete. We offer a huge array of patterns, colors, styles, textures, and finishes. Our installers are qualified and experienced because they’ve been doing this process for a long time.

Consider having stamped concrete if you are thinking about building or repairing your patio, driveway pavement, or sidewalk. The material is visually appealing and lasts a long time. The stamped concrete looks and feels like expensive products like natural stone and pavers, but does not have that price tag. The cost-efficiency makes it even more attractive.

Stamped Concrete Contractors​

Concrete Contractors

Stamped Concrete Katy TX

From an aesthetic point of view, stamped concrete is tough to beat when it comes to pattern, style, and color options, which are almost unlimited. A lot of people get inspiration from their home’s architectural style and choose colors and patterns that blend with the existing stone, textured or tiled concrete elements. For instance, if your house features a brick exterior, consider mirroring that theme with a simple brick-patterned border, or opt for a color scheme and pattern that blends in with your surrounding landscape.

Different patterns can be pressed into the concrete even in complex projects with steps and fountains. Natural stone patterns such as flagstone, fieldstone, and slate are the most common, followed by cobblestone, brick, and wood. 

The most popular colors are likely to be earth tones and greys; however, brick patterns are often colored in red hues. Nevertheless, colors can be layered, mixed, or antiqued with tints or stains, thus making a virtually endless list of options and possibilities. Multiple colors can be integrated within the same project for a more realistic stone coloration, decorative borders or even as a contrasting color pattern.
If you want to learn more about which stamped concrete style and finish is right for your home, give us a call.

Katy Stamped Concrete

Katy Stamped Concrete

If you have been looking for ways to upgrade the outdoor areas around your Katy home, you have most probably read about how stamped concrete can make a huge difference. Whether you opt to install concrete walkways, patios, or other concrete features, you will add value and beauty to your property. Stamped concrete is an alternative way that concrete contractors in Katy, Texas can make your home stand out from your neighbors. Here is what you need to know about this process. 

First, let us define what stamped concrete is. Stamped concrete is a kind of decorative concrete that has been patterned, shaped, and/or colored. The final result is that it looks something other than plain concrete.

How does a concrete company do this? There are specially-made stamps and molds that are pressed into the still wet concrete before it dries. Experienced concrete contractors have the right tools and equipment to make sure these areas look wonderful and last for years and years to come.

And there’s even more good news: Your choices are only limited by your imagination. A stamped concrete patio can be molded and shaped to resemble a wide array of other building materials. This includes natural stone, ceramic tile, brick, or even wood. Due to its versatility, it is ideal for decorating all types of spaces. Our company routinely uses concrete stamping on patios, pool decks, driveways, and walkways. Do you have another concrete surface you’d like to have stamped? Just call us and we will come out to your home for consultation and price quotation.